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Welcome to this site,

and don’t forget to look closely, to criticize with benevolence and to share if you liked it.

I firstly followed different trainings in tourism, business connections and training engineering.

After working in these various fields, I took advantage of a maternity leave to discover the joys of artistic expression.

It is in Mayotte in 2000 that I first started to learn how to paint in watercolours with Gil, a local selftaught man.

From then on, I’ve never stopped painting, as an amateur and then as a Professional since 2012.

My subjects are mainly natural environments and animals. I love getting absorbed in a beautiful landscape, recognizing the strengh of a tree and letting the look of an animal soften my heart.

My color palette is warm with great contrasts. The seeking of the light is my strength and the gesture quick. The requirement is there and painting has become a daily activity but not a routine.

I have attended drawing classes at the “Beaux Arts” in Orléans.

I participated to lessons or trainings next to Professional painters only :

Sylvie Riclet (watercolour specialist)

Christine Chastenet (a “trompe l’œil” specialist, oïl painting

Marie Joëlle Cédat (animal painter, acrylic)

Jean Claude Papeix (watercolour painter)

Magali Dion Novak (watercolour painter)

Reine Marie Pinchon (watercolour painter)

Jeanine Gallizia (watercolour painter)

Marc Folly (watercolour painter)

I’ve invested in 2014 in the creation of a workshop wich allows me to host groups composed of up to 5 people.


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