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I propose a workshop to discover water techniques on waterproof paper

Because I know that art is an excellent way of unwinding, I can come to your society and teach you my technique of painting on waterproof paper, in an innovative and entertaining way. Thus, here I what I suggest (but I can always adapt, depending on what you want):

– A first, one hour-long meeting :

Objectives : to present myself and start a first workshop on painting

Means used : I would showcase some of my work to portray the diversity of what I do, I would quickly present different types of papers and participate in a question/answers.

– A second, one hour and a half long meeting that would be an initiation to painting.

Objectives : to discover new sensations through the use of different types of papers

Means used : participants would paint a painting on a small format (greeting card like) on a synthetic paper. They would paint in watercolors and in chinese ink pens.


Price suggestion :

First meeting : FREE

Second meeting : 300€ for 10 participants, 20 € for any additional participant.


This price would include:

– setting up and cleaining the room before and after the training;

– the equipment needed: the paint, the brushes, the paper etc…

– a support for the participant’s paintings ready to be used and already sketched.