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Sleek & Beautiful


Live the adventure of artistic creation with the artist !

If you want to offer or offer you a painting that looks like you ! MAKE YOUR PAINTING CHOISE IN LIVE WITH THE ARTIST ! 



You do not have the artistic fiber but you have ideas ! 

So, let’s study your project together and participate in its realization : it will be a pleasure for me and your satisfaction will be

my greatest success !  

Developing a project with an artist is the starting point of a relationship of trust. It is also a beautiful beginning of personal history and sharing.

 A real commitment on both sides is created and weaves a unique bond that goes far beyond just buying a canvas.  

Business leaders:

You want to give your client an original gift, show them that he is important to you and that you know their tastes. What could be more personalized than a carefully chosen canvas ?

The well-being at work of your employees is important for you!

Buying original works to brighten up your employees’ offices is a sign of gratitude and importance.

They will feel valued and enjoy working in an atmosphere that suits them.

Finally, they will speak enthusiastically of your delicate attention to them ! 


Benefit from a tax-free purchase of works of art to a living artist is a good way to build cultural heritage.

Bringing art into business is a way to offer culture to a wider audience. Indeed, it is clear that we do not all have the same cultural knowledge and habits. If crossing the door of an art gallery or museum is easy for some, it is not for others! 

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Accrochage d’une oeuvre 70×100 Institut “Après la pluie” 20 rue Masaik 69009 Lyon


Finally, you can ask me for your logo creations, calendar for the new year, invitation card, poster support, book cover and CD etc