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delphine duchesne, exposition Chartres

Chartres exhibition, 2018

Moi et Rose lors d'un déplacement, février 2021,

Delphine and Rose, travel with my dog, février 2021


Born on1970 in Vitré, I left my native Brittany quite young to study and start a family. 


My first professional life : 

I studied different fields : 

  • tourism,
  • business networking,
  • adult training engineering. 

After these first employments, I took the opportunity during a maternity leave to discover and try the pleasures of artistic expression. 


My second professional life : 

In 2000, on Mayotte Island, I started the first apprenticeship in watercolour with Gil, watercolourist a local self-taught artist.

Since then, I have kept on painting as an amateur, and became professional in 2012.


Lately, I have attended drawing classes at Orléans ‘ Fine Arts, and oil painting courses with Laure Pierre, at her Studio Belleba in Orléans. 


Almost every year, I attended classes offered by professional artists : 

  • Sylvie Chastenet (spécialiste du trompe l’œil -huile), trompe l’oeil painting oil
  • Sylvie Riclet (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Alain Bordier (huile au couteau), knife on oil painting
  • Marie Joëlle Cedat (peintre animalier, acrylique) animal painter, acrilyc
  • Jean Claude Papeix (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Magali Dion Novak (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Reine Marie Pinchon (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Marc Folly (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Janine Gallizia (aquarelliste), watercolourist
  • Robert Faure (sumi-e), Chinese painting
  • Valérie Eguchi (Nihon ga), Japanese painting

In Orléans, I had a home-based studio but since moving in Lyon, I am now leasing a separate space. To do training and open-houses, I sublet as I need in both Lyon and Orléans.

Trainings for adults :