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photo atelier l'envolée Lyon Ouest

Atelier l’envolée, Lyon Ouest avec vue sur Vaise



It was not easy to find the right place for a painting studio on a tight budget and a city like Lyon.

Finally, I found a long lasting solution with SACVL, a well known leasing agent. 

I moved my painting equipment at 100, rue des fougères in the building “Lyon Ouest” situated in the 9th district. This 20m2 is a calm work space.

On october17, an open house was organised to celebrate this new location : we will be probably host another one. 

The studio is open by appointment. 


Summer 2019 : a new start 


The studio is so exciting, lots of new projects, a change of living place (Lyon), new professional contacts, a pictorial technique that keeps growing…

So stay tuned : as soon as I find a new working spot, I will post some of pictures. 


The cooperative “plateau urbain” specialises in the creation of spaces for mixed activities in vacant buildings.

After 6 months of searching, I finally founded a great spot to move in and work with my faithful companion Rose the Daschund. It is part of the Plateau Urbain located in the 9th district of Lyon.