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Sleek & Beautiful


An artistic approach that revolves around two major axes :

1) Asian painting : a source of inspiration  

I still admire Impressionist painting but today, as a painter, my eyes turn to Asian painting. 

Contemporary painters such as Zao Wou Ki, Wang Yan Cheng, Chen yiching or Sugawara are for me THE inescapable masters.
I find space, harmony, great sensitivity and a fair balance of colors in their works. All these criteria are part of my current artistic quest. 

2) Experimenting with new papers : technical innovation

Since 2018, I’ve been experimenting with new papers, more environmentally friendly because they are made with little water and no wood. I am talking about synthetic papers and minerals. I developed my painting techniques on water-resistant papers, which upsets the usual practice of watercolor and acrylic for example. They are washable, allow multiple experiments and promote the recycling of paper waste. In my opinion, these are the papers of tomorrow

There’s room for technique :

A working session always starts with a break in order to make as much calm as possible in me.
I then move on to the preparation sequence : search for the layout, the colors, the adaptation of the medium.
This step is essential because it allows me to have a fairly clear image or intension in my mind of what I want to render on paper.
Like Asian painters, I paint most often continuously, with little recovery. It’s a spontaneous painting but thoughtful upstream!

Materials :

I mainly use tube watercolours and natural pigments that I prepare according to the chosen technique.
I work with 300g papers, fine grain brand Fabriano artistico or Montval for material effects, but also with Chinese or Korean papers for their finesse, transparency and solidity.

I also experiment with synthetic or mineral paper for all water techniques. This is one of my peculiarities because this medium is still little used in France. He is better known to Americans and Canadians.
As for the application of colors, there are brushes, twigs, plastic paper, fingers, straw, palette knife… creativity.

 Topics covered :

I am particularly fond of the animal theme and I have been developing a non-exclusive theme around fish for some time.
Thus, I made several works of koi carp and tropical rascasses. Fish that fascinate me by their beauty and that I try to represent as best as possible in their environment, with colors and a visual expression as accurate as possible!

My second theme revolves around the representation of our natural environment: forests, waterfalls, trees alone, leaves in the wind, flowers … These subjects touch me a lot because they embellish our daily lives and testify to a great fragility that should not leave us indifferent.

And finally, some abstract canvases that appeal to letting go and creativity.

To conclude : 

Very often, the audience tells me that there is a “breath” in my work, a space of relaxation and daydreaming.

In fact, I leave a void, these are the famous whites of watercolor, necessary to impulse pause and observation time at the heart of the work. The viewer appropriates the work at his own pace and with his singular interpretation. Freedom reigns!