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Sleek & Beautiful


A poetic universe and an

invitation to well-being !


Delphine’s work takes us into a poetic universe where the subtle balance between full and empty spaces, the semi-figurative layout and the limited selection of colors invite us to softness and reverie.


What sets her art apart, of course, is her varied palette of paper : mineral, vegetable and handmade, offering uncommon richness and depth.


Delphine’s research into 3-D sculptures in mineral paper, sometimes woven, biomaterials or augmented reality, leads us towards forms of Art anchored in “today and tomorrow”.

Inspired by Asian painters and the lyrical abstraction movement, her aim is to show the beauty of Nature and encourage us to preserve it.

Delphine’s art offers a moment of grace and lightness in our lives.

A suspended moment that reminds us how essential beauty and creativity are to our well-being.