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New workshop, this time we are there!

New workshop, this time we are there!

The workshop moves away again!

Arriving in Lyon summer 2019, I quickly found a place to work in the Duchère district.

Installation for 5 years : 

The owner of the place, LMH, plans all this time to organize the rehabilitation works of the whole neighborhood. It is true that space is important. 

This makes me happy, because, it must be recognized that emptying a painter’s workshop is not very funny: I have trouble throwing out some things “that could be used” and then, there is all the “small” material.

Small but takes up space in the end! 

So, hop, hop, hop, for 5 years, I remake the boxes, the decoration of the room, the hanging of the paintings …

My personal space of 40 m2 with a water point (crucial element for an artist) always has a clear view of Fourvière and the Alps, in fine weather. 

I will also be accompanied by new colleagues who rent offices for neighborhood associations, a ceramist and sharing a third party

venue for multiple organizations
of the territory.

                                                                                          Préparation déménagement atelier


Schedule of the event :

Monday 19 December afternoon : move/status of the exit

Monday, January 2, 2023 keys handed over and my gallery workshop set up.

Saturday 7 January from 9.30am to 12.30pm: 1st watercolour course of the year. A watercolour/month course is planned and it will be the 1st Saturday of each month until the summer. It is easy to remember.

next March: inauguration of the site


The third place space :

It is a space for intercultural and intergenerational meetings that will offer activities for all audiences.

In preparation, I will host a monthly and free artistic activity on the 1st Thursday of each month starting Thursday, February 2nd afternoon for the beneficiaries of Singa and Yoon among others. You are most welcome. 

Are under reflection one Sunday/coffee per month (objectives : meet around a drink and share music, board games, dance…).

Concerts and several cultural events should also be held. We must give ourselves time to settle down, to get together to organize things, to make a beautiful inauguration of the place.


In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Feed yourself with music, meetings and sharing and leave out the information!

Thus, we will all find a beautiful energy to live a new year! 

See you soon for new adventures…

delphine duchesne

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