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artist studio open house

artist studio open house

Artist studio open house on

thursday 25 th november from de 12 p.mto 8.30 p.m


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Details about this special day

For an afternoon, I open my workshop to you to come and feel the well-being that reigns there.

This beautiful atmosphere which allows me to be in good condition to let go and let my imagination go! I, I open my workshop to you in order to come and feel the well-being that reigns there.

A beautiful view of the Vaise district and in the distance The Alps, the song of the birds and the light due west: everything is there to make me feel at ease.


Why come ?

  • Because in this place, the sensitivity of each other will be affected by the atmosphere that emerges there. Let yourself be touched by the representation of Nature that I offer.

  • You will see more or less figurative works, various formats and water-based techniques used in different ways to enrich my work.

  • You will also discover that the profession of professional painter is very varied and that it requires many skills …

  • Because we need conviviality, meetings, exchanges and because Life calls us quite simply!


Looking forward to seeing us or seeing us again !

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