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Stone paper, a large programm !

Stone paper, a large programm !

New year, new projects !


In parallel with my usual artistic work, I propose creations only painted, cut, woven with mineral paper.

I thus exploit all the particularities of this new medium, a future paper made mainly with marble powder waste and a non-toxic binder.



Take advantage of this technological innovation

and discover the first works made in plastic art !


Know that this work carried by the workshop flight is very rare since, to my knowledge, very few, if any artist has appropriated this new support. 

"A la croisée des chemins" série bleue

“La vie” Format œuvre encadrée : 38×38



I invite you to discover this paper and my few tables of the series

“A la croisée des chemins” in the portfolio below :



Enjoy your reading.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

delphine duchesne

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