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Opening “La Duchesse”

Inauguration of “La Duchesse”, La Duchère district, Lyon 9th district


On the evening of Monday May 22, elected officials, project sponsors and us, the occupants, had the pleasure of showing visitors around our new premises.

It was a time for encounters orchestrated by Ma Friche Urbaine, the company behind the project and manager of the premises.

An evening open to all, organized around a buffet, a crêpe stand and cultural activities for children, and a film screening followed by a debate.

A time to reminisce about this place and discuss future changes…


Here’s a look back at the evening’s inauguration :


Le discours des élus

Speeches by elected representatives


Fin de soirée

End of the evening

Animation sportive

sports events








Activities on offer:


Since then, we’ve all moved in and started offering painting classes, theater activities, meetings and festivals….

The adventure is just beginning.



fresco relaunched with local youngsters



Local festival this summer



The exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the association Lhivernal de Lyon

From January 6 to 23, 2022, you can come and discover many painters and sculptors.


Take advantage of this totally free and open edition every afternoon and from 10am to 5pm during the weekends.

I will propose 2 large formats entitled “explosion of life” and a format 30×30



explosion de vie 2 par Delphine Duchesne volcans du monde volcans d'Auvergne

“Explosion de vie 2” Format 70×100

EXPLOSION DE VIE 1 delphine duchesne volcans de monde volcan d'Auvergne

“Explosion de vie 1” Format 70×100

Exposition l'hivernal de Lyon, janvier 2022, peintures et sculptures








Finally, to prolong the event, a virtual presentation of the works will be proposed on the website of the association after the event: