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In 2020, I contacted the Lyon Winter Painting Association to join their group and start presenting my work in my new adopted city. 

My application was successful and I was able to exhibit, not at the Bondy Palace as planned at the beginning of January, but virtually on their website www.lhivernaldelyon.com.

Many associations have had to take on a new role : that of “culture broadcaster in virtual mode” and I thank them for this beautiful ability to adapt.  

This is how this first experience allowed me to be invited to the INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC SALON OF PUY IN VELAY which will take place in August 2021. A positive and promising result for artists deprived of exhibition venues in 2020 !  

hors de portée, peinture japonaise, techniques mixtes sur feuille washi, 100x70, fleurs de cerisiers, sakuras

“HORS DE PORTEE”, 70×100, peinture japonaise

OTHER SELECTION: THE ALP, HEAR Academie Lyonnaise de peinture

An academy founded in 1994, with the aim of helping and encouraging pictorial activities in the knowledge of the visual arts. It brings together 130 members recruited on file selection. This structure offers the possibility to exhibit on specific shows that are :

Berthelot Lounge; the independents’ lounge, the ArtAlp lounge and other events for members. 

Since my file has been validated, I will be able to meet with Artists from Lyon and exhibit with this group shortly. News to come…

Find my page on the ALP website here: http://academiepeinture.com/artiste.php?id_artiste=242


And finally, REGAL’ART MONTPELLIER in May 2021

I was supposed to present my fish on this beautiful show during the weekend of Toussaint 2020 but it didn’t go as planned and I hope this time to be able to hang my paintings on May 7, 8 and May 2021 at the CORUM in Montpellier. That’s why I continue to paint my little fish that I love so much!

Ide et eau, 30x30, peinture japonsaise, carpe koi

                                                                                            IDE ET EAU, peinture japonaise, 30×30


sortir de l'ombre, Delphine duchesne, peinture japonaise, art asiatique, carpe koi, poisson

SORTIR DE L’OMBRE, peinture japonaise, 30×30

Finally, this summer my works will be visible for free at the Consulate of Japan in Lyon. Consulate officers wait for a presentation of cherry blossoms and koi carp; two themes that characterize their country well and which I paint with great enthusiasm. 

To sum up: 

  • virtual exhibition underway on Winter in Lyon (lhivernaldelyon.com) ;
  • exhibition at Regal’Art in Montpellier on May 7, 8 and 9, 2021 ;
  • exhibition at CAPA in Puy in Velay from August 12 to 25, 2021 ;
  • exhibition at the Japanese Consulate july and August 2021.




And yes, new year, new projects, why ? 

As you are no stranger, artists can no longer show their work because exhibitions are cancelled one after the other and as a result, they have difficulty working normally, as do many of you. 

So what do we do? A Door closed AND ANOTHER OPEN: Businesses, for some, are finding it very difficult to stay open and I have asked these essential “entrepreneurs” to make myself known.

Indeed, having arrived in Lyon just recently, it is very difficult, despite my very good and great will, to show my work and offer my painting courses locally. 

Well, thanks to this support, the inhabitants of the neighborhood will be able to discover my world of painting and know that I run painting courses for individuals and employees in companies.

I hope to be able to complete this first project of painting internships and thus help the association Les Cabirottes which relies on our animations to simply survive and maintain this offer of room rental. 



                                                                                 Ezster coiffure, Vaise, Lyon 9   




article presse delphine duchesne pratique des arts septembre 2020



WATERCOLOURS ON PAPIER WATERPROOF WITH DELPHINE DUCHESNE, article published in the magazine Practical Arts No. 153, October/November 2020 and written by Vanessa Schmitz Grucker

Practice of the Arts has been the leading magazine for 15 years in all practices: sculpture, painting, engraving. It is intended to guide amateur and professional artists. It brings together a wealth of valuable information around art through videos, step by step, visits to workshops, technical files, presentation of artists, promotion of exhibitions and exhibitions.

This magazine brings together creators around common passions and no less than 11,000 subscribers follow its news. 

Vanessa Schmitz Grucker is an art critic, art journalist and author. She contributes to the magazines Novo and Diverti Edition.

She wrote “Artists at Work : Contemporary Art in Practice” by Eyrolles. 

I would therefore like to thank the magazine’s editors and Mrs Grucker for hearing my need to share my discoveries around innovative papers. For me, these are tomorrow’s papers and it’s already tomorrow !

For more than two years now, in the shadow of my studio, I experiment, I grope, I play sorcerer’s apprentices with pigments, different papers and all the painting techniques I practice, hard learned from professional painters during various internships.

I select my material based on the work I expect and the knowledge I have of it. 

Then I paint, I analyze, I compare the results, I write down in my notebook my various observations.

And then, one day when I felt I was pretty confident, I started offering watercolor courses that I called “watercolor otherwise”. 

Why watercolor otherwise, you will tell me?

Because I wanted to stand out from my peers, offer a new internship with confusing and unique learnings and above all I wanted to show and demonstrate that it was possible to push the limits of watercolor by changing material.

The technique and the requirement of watercolour are the same, what changes is the adaptation it requires and the open-mindedness that it requires. To get out of habits, to take a wrong path, to free oneself from the “what will we say” to dare to assert oneself and mark the difference.

Letting go is especially mandatory for experienced watercolorists.

So I dared and the lovers of novelties followed. Big thanks to them because I won my first challenge! 

The second challenge was to have works made on synthetic sheet and mineral sheet accepted by highly selective professional juries. 

This was done quickly since “The Tropical Rascasse”, 90×70 was selected by the organizers of the famous exhibition of water techniques and drawing, presented in Paris under the historic glass windows of the Grand Palais in February 2019 at ARTCAPITALE.

Work that gave the subject to long articles on the blog Designandpaper. Blog, which is written by THE company EUROPAPER in Vienna (Austria), present in 13 Eastern European countries and a member of the Heinzel Group. 

Then it was the turn of mineral paper to be honored at the European Cultural Heritage Fair in October 2019 with my work “Elusive octopus”, 90×70 in pastel colors. This exhibition brings 330 craftsmen to the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris to show off their skills.

The third challenge: to hang my fish in a place that is familiar to them. Case to follow 

In any case, I can say that success is at the rendezvous with these new papers with both trainees and art lovers since the public and sales are beautiful and well there.